Navigate the 2 monsters to explore this mysterious archipelago!

Use the w,a,s,d keys to move the main monster.
Use the arrow keys to shout to your pink friend so that he too moves!

But if you are too far from your pink friend or there is a wall between you, your pink friend won't be able to hear you, so advance carefully!

This game was made for the GMTK Gamejam 2021 edition.

The music was made by DEAD


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2 Lonely Monsters 23 MB
2 Lonely Monsters 38 MB


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Love it, the levels are really fun and the artwork is awesome. So simple but so goooooood!!


Extremely well done, love how smooth and well everything worked with hardly any bugs. This is the definition of simple but done really well.

That's the effect of gamejams haha

The puzzles can get a little confusing sometimes, but the visuals are great, and the concept is unique!

Thanks! Sorry if it gave you a headache x)

Very cute! Got a bit of a negitive suprise when I pressed Y and had to restart from the beginning though, but other than that it's polished for beeing made in the short timespan! :D

Glad you liked it!

At first I wanted to reset only the current level, but time got ahead of me


Very nice game

Enjoyed playing it

Even tho it's short it's very nice and it shows the wonders of teamwork

p.s. I definitely was not the one who made the music XD